Bootstrap Circle Button

We can use bootstrap glyphicon and border radius to create circle button with icon. HTML Code: CSS: Output: Source Code:

Creating an object in JavaScript

There are no best way to create an object in javascript. But following are the few good practices. Depends on situation we have to choose the implementation. Creating new object: Using function constructor: Creating new object: Singleton Javascript object: Source code: How to create Singleton Javascript Object

OData Basics

OData Basic OData stands for Open Data Protocol. Agenda: Why OData? OData vs Web API Create OData Endpoint Create OData Client OData with Entity Relationships Action and Filter

Recursive Queries Using Common Table Expressions (CTE)

Introduction Common Table Expression(CTE) creates a temporary result set within the defined execution scope. Recursive means repeating itself until condition not satisfied. A CTE can be used to create a recursive query. Details CTE can be used in SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE and CREATE VIEW statement.

A non-inheritable class and method

Introduction It’s a common question during interview why we should create non inheritable class. It’s answer also simple. We don’t want to make it inheritable. Details If you want to make a class non inheritable then you have to use sealed keyword in the C# class as follows. For VB.NET you have to use NotInheritable […]

ASP.NET Nested Grid View – Expandable and Collapsible row

Introduction ASP.NET Grid View data binding is really easy. But if you have a situation where you need to display details data once user click a row in the data grid then you need nested grid. You can accomplished this task in several ways. This article will demonstrate you the easiest one of them. Screenshot In the […]